Our Future Plans

The concept of growth has changed over time, from that of being a ‘winner’ to that of being the most ’adaptive’. One needs to adapt to grow successfully. As part of adapting to the needs of the cancer stricken patients in this region, we have the following in our agenda of growth :

* A new Radiation Therapy Machine – state of the art Linear Accelerator with high precision radiation therapy capabilities.

* A Brachytherapy machine

* Replacement of the old Tele-Cobalt Machine with a new one, preferably a Bhabhatron –II with simulator.

* A Bone Marrow Transplant unit to be set up.

* Medical records computerization using a Hospital Information System ( HIS )

* Creating a Hospital based Cancer Registry

* Commence paramedical courses viz. Oncology nursing and Radiation Therapy Technology courses.

About Thanjavur Cancer Center

An estimated 4000 new cancer cases are detected every year in composite Thanjavur district. Access to specialised cancer care for these patients is limited to the specialists in Thanjavur Medical College Hospital, until a couple of years ago, when the Thanjavur Cancer Centre, a trust hospital run by the Jeeva Centenary Trust, came into being.

The Thanjavur Cancer Centre started functioning in November 2011 with very basic facilities for radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but with the highest ideals of providing relief to all cancer patients in and around Thanjavur at very nominal costs. It is set in a rural area, just outside Thanjavur city, along the highway in a village called Thulukkampatti.

Our Personnel


After 2 years of unstinted service to the people of this region, TCC now boasts of the services of cancer specialists in all 3 fields of cancer specialisation viz. Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology. What makes Thanjavur Cancer Centre stand apart from other private cancer centres, is the fact that the Oncologists do a very focused job and there is no crossover of treatment modalities. A tumor board meeting , where all the specialists come together and decide on the treatment protocol based on published evidence, is a concept that is followed in premier institutes worldwide and also emulated at Thanjavur Cancer Centre. Our Radiation Therapy personnel are well qualified and certified by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). Our chemotherapy nurses have been specially trained from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, to skillfully administer toxic chemotherapy drugs in a safe manner. We have medical social workers who counsel the patients regarding their needs.

Our Services


Since its inception, the mission of Thanjavur Cancer Centre has been to provide timely and scientific cancer care at nominal cost to the patient. In several instances where the patient is from a poor socio-economic background, we have voluntarily discounted our charges for investigations, medicines and radiation therapy or even delivered these services completely free to deserving patients.

Thanjavur Cancer Centre was one of the first hospitals in this region to be empanelled for cancer treatment under the Chief Ministers Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme. Today we are proud to boast that we are the top cancer hospital in the state to treat cancer patients under this scheme. More than ??1400?? patients have been treated in 1 year under this scheme at Thanjavur Cancer Centre.

Ours is perhaps the only centre in composite Thanjavur district to treat childhood cancers and blood cancers with a comprehensive approach.
We have a free walk-in cancer screening camp on Saturdays to detect cancers at an early stage.

We have a Tobacco Cessation Clinic with a dedicated counselor to help tobacco addicts to overcome the habit.

Cancer Awareness Camps and programmes with public interaction on the harmful effects of tobacco are held regularly at various educational institutions by our consultants and medical social workers.

Our Patient Base


Thanjavur Cancer Centre serves not only patients from Thanjavur, but also patients from Thiruvarur, Ariyalur, Nagapattinam, Pudukottai and Cuddalore districts. This is a largely agrarian populace and the people of this region do not have the resources to meet the needs of their treatment. Thanjavur Cancer Centre has been doing yeoman service to this strata of the society by providing optimal cancer treatment at minimal costs, many a times offering discounted or even free treatments to the absolutely poor patient.
Academic and Research Activities

Even though we are currently in a stage of sprouting tender leaves, our aim is to mature into an institute of academic excellence. We strongly believe that research at the grassroots level will translate into better and more scientific cancer treatment.

We have conducted Continuing Medical Education programmes for the benefit of the medical fraternity in Thanjavur.

We have signed MoU’s with SASTRA University and PRIST University to encourage young scientists in the field of cancer research.