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Welcome to Thanjavur Cancer Center.,

An estimated 4000 new cancer cases are detected every year in composite Thanjavur district. Access to specialised cancer care for these patients is limited to the specialists in Thanjavur Medical College Hospital was, until a couple of years ago, when the Thanjavur Cancer Centre, a trust hospital run by the Jeeva Centenary Trust, came into being.

The Thanjavur Cancer Centre started functioning in November 2011 with very basic facilities for radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but with the highest ideals of providing relief to all cancer patients in and around Thanjavur at very nominal costs. It is set in a rural area, just outside Thanjavur city, along the highway in a village called Thulukkampatti.

Message to the Donor's

The Cancer Center, since its inception has been carrying on a relentless fight against cancer under great odds. It has striven against near insurmountable obstacles of financial difficulties and almost indifferent ambiences, to fulfill the objectives of serving the poor.

We have a long list of ‘to do’ in order to continue to deliver the best to all of our increasing number of patients. Most of our financial support has been through public philanthropy and organizations abroad; our ambitious goals in the war against cancer would require a lot more of resources. Please join our fight against cancer and become the friend of Thanjavur Cancer Center.

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